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Psilocybe cubensis
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Psilocybe cubensis

Written by: Eva Zonneveld

Psilocybe cubensis is among the most well-known varieties of psilocybin mushrooms, often referred to as "magic mushrooms". These belong to a group of fungi containing psilocybin. When ingested, the human body converts this into psilocin. While psilocybin essentially acts as a prodrug, psilocin is a psychedelic compound that induces hallucinogenic effects, akin to those from LSD. This makes it an intriguing choice for those wanting to experience its potent outcomes, like vivid visual and philosophical sensations. Historically, these magic mushrooms have been utilized for various religious and spiritual purposes and also as a recreational drug. Cultivating your own mushroom colony using spore syringes is becoming increasingly popular since it allows you to select your own growth substrate, rather than relying on grow kits.

The History of Psilocybe Cubensis

The use of magic mushrooms is intertwined with the consumption of other psychedelic plants like cacti and cannabis. Many civilizations around the world have used mushrooms to communicate with gods, spur philosophical reflections, or boost creative endeavors. Archaeological evidence points to the use of these mushrooms, as shown by the names indigenous people have assigned to these fungi. For instance, the Mayans and Aztecs referred to their mushrooms as Teonanacatl, which translates to "flesh of the gods". They believed these mushrooms were bestowed upon their ancestors by the serpent god, Quetzalcoatl. The name Psilocybe Cubensis derives from the ancient Greek words psilos (ψιλος) and kubê (κυβη), meaning "bare head", with Cubensis indicating its Cuban origin. The term 'magic mushroom' has a more recent history, introduced in a 1957 Life Magazine article by banker and amateur mycologist R. Gordon Wasson. He was among the initial outsiders to participate in an indigenous mushroom ritual, an experience that profoundly impacted him. For more information, read our blog 'The History of Magic Mushrooms and Truffles'.

Effects of Psilocybe Cubensis

When consumed as tea, eaten directly, or blended with other foods, Psilocybe cubensis induces mildly euphoric and subtle hallucinogenic effects, leading to:

  • Feelings of euphoria
  • A sense of magnificence
  • Bodily relaxation
  • Mild hallucinations
  • Altered perceptions of time and space
  • A dream-like state
  • An enlightened feeling

How to Grow Psilocybe Cubensis

If you're looking to cultivate your own Psilocybe cubensis strain, we recommend utilizing our spore syringes, spore prints, or grow kits. These products make it easy to raise your mushroom colonies on your chosen substrate. Clear instructions accompany each product, guiding you through the optimal process.


Keep out of reach from children and pets. Refrain from using magic mushrooms during pregnancy, in cases of physical and/or mental issues, or when on medication. Always consult a doctor if in doubt. Do not mix with alcohol or drugs. Magic mushrooms aren't toys or party drugs; use them responsibly. Make sure you're well-informed before use. For first-time users, never consume more than 15 grams of fresh mushrooms. ShroomPlaza makes no medical claims about their products.

Eva Zonneveld
Meet Eva, an author who merges her literary talent with a deep fascination for magic mushrooms, crafting stories that unravel the hidden realms of consciousness and the mycelium's wisdom.