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The history of Salvia Divinorum
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The history of Salvia Divinorum

Written by: Eva Zonneveld

Salvia Divinorum, a plant with a rich history and deep spiritual roots, has long captured the attention of shamans, scientists, and adventurers. Known as 'Ska Maria Pastora,' this mysterious plant plays a crucial role in the shamanistic rituals of the Mazatecs in Mexico. Let's dive into the fascinating history of Salvia Divinorum and explore how it evolved from a sacred plant to a subject of modern research.

Origin in Mazatec culture

The first known use of Salvia Divinorum dates back to the Mazatec tribes in Oaxaca, Mexico. This indigenous community used the plant in their spiritual rituals for divination and healing. The Mazatecs believed that Salvia Divinorum enabled them to receive visions from the Virgin Mary, hence the name 'Ska Maria Pastora'. These rituals were deeply embedded in their culture and conducted by shamans skilled in navigating the spiritual world.

Discovery by the western world

The Western world became truly aware of Salvia Divinorum in the 1950s and 60s. Ethnobotanists like R. Gordon Wasson and Albert Hofmann, known for their work with psychedelics, brought the plant to public attention. Their research and experiments introduced the scientific community to Salvia's unique effects.

Scientific research and popularity

Since the late 20th century, Salvia Divinorum has increasingly become the subject of scientific research. Researchers are fascinated by the plant's active compound, salvinorin A, which has powerful psychoactive effects. In the 21st century, the plant gained popularity among psychedelic enthusiasts, sparking debate over its legality and safe use.

Contemporary use

Salvia Divinorum is currently very popular, especially among those interested in its unique and powerful effects. Often used in spiritual and meditative practices, the plant draws attention from both scientists and individuals seeking deeper spiritual experiences. Over the years, Salvia Divinorum has become a widely discussed topic in the world of natural psychoactive substances, and its popularity continues to grow.


Salvia Divinorum has a long and complex history, from the sacred rituals of the Mazatec shamans to the laboratories of modern scientists. The plant remains a source of fascination and mystery, reflecting both humanity's spiritual quest and scientific pursuit of knowledge. Whether used for spiritual purposes or scientific research, Salvia Divinorum remains a remarkable plant with a rich history that is still being written.

Eva Zonneveld
Meet Eva, an author who merges her literary talent with a deep fascination for magic mushrooms, crafting stories that unravel the hidden realms of consciousness and the mycelium's wisdom.