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The importance of setting and mindset in the use of psychedelics
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The importance of setting and mindset in the use of psychedelics

Written by: Lizzy van de Berg

When you delve into the use of psychedelics, a fascinating topic that has increasingly come into the spotlight over the years, you discover it brings a diverse spectrum of experiences and insights. These substances, known for their ability to influence perception, emotions, and cognitive processes, can have profound effects on your personal experience. Key in this process are the environment and mindset - these play a crucial role in how these experiences are interpreted and integrated.

The power of your environment

The setting, or the physical and social environment where you use psychedelics, cannot be underestimated. A calm, comfortable, and safe environment contributes to a positive and enlightening experience. Think of natural settings like a peaceful forest or a secluded beach, which are often ideal for their soothing effect and natural connection. On the other hand, a chaotic or stressful environment can lead to a less pleasant experience, a 'bad trip'.

In urban environments, where you might not always have the luxury of natural silence, creating a 'safe haven' is essential. This could be a specially designed room filled with comfortable cushions, soft lighting, and soothing music, or even an artistically decorated space that stimulates your imagination and offers a sense of serenity.

Mindset: Your inner preparation

Just as important as the physical setting is your mindset, or the mental state with which you begin a psychedelic experience. Positive intentions, such as the pursuit of self-discovery, spiritual growth, or seeking therapeutic insights, can significantly influence the direction and outcome of your experience. It's essential to enter the experience with an open mind and heart, free of prejudice or strict expectations.

It's also important to acknowledge that negative emotions like fear, doubt, or uncertainty can influence the experience. These feelings can color the psychedelic journey with unpleasant tones, sometimes leading to challenging moments.

Trip sitters

In the context of psychedelics, the importance of a 'trip sitter' or guide is often discussed. This is someone present during the experience to ensure safety and support. This person can be a trusted friend or a professional experienced in guiding psychedelic sessions. The presence of such a guide can have a reassuring effect, especially for beginners. For more tips, read our blog ‘A Personal Guide for Trip Sitters’.


The use of psychedelics is a complex, deeply personal process that is greatly influenced by both your external environment and internal mindset. It is advisable to prepare for your psychedelic trip. As research into and interest in psychedelics continue to grow, it remains important to emphasize these essential aspects, both for safety and for enriching the experience.

Lizzy van de Berg
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