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The influence of podcasts during a psychedelic trip
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The influence of podcasts during a psychedelic trip

Written by: Eva Zonneveld

If you've ever ventured into the colorful world of psychedelic trips, you know that every sensory experience – from visual to auditory – becomes intensely amplified. Today, I invite you on a unique journey of discovery: listening to podcasts during a psychedelic trip. An adventure that can open not just your senses, but also your mind to new dimensions.

The Impact on Your Trip

Imagine: you're lying comfortably on the couch with your eyes closed, under the influence of psychedelics. You put on your headphones and press 'play'. The voices in the podcast start speaking, and soon it feels as though their words are not just ringing in your ears, but vibrating through your entire body.

The influence of a podcast during your trip can vary greatly, depending on the content. A science or philosophy podcast can stimulate your thought processes in an almost extraterrestrial way, making you question the universe and your place in it. On the other hand, a narrative podcast, like a fiction story, can take you on an adventurous journey, where you lose yourself completely in the tale.

Podcasts About Psychedelics

  • The Duncan Trussell Family Hour: Hosted by comedian Duncan Trussell, this weekly podcast features in-depth conversations about a range of topics, including psychedelics. Trussell explores with his guests the influence of psychedelic substances on human consciousness, their role in spiritual and personal development, and their potential for healing and therapy. The discussions often focus on personal experiences, scientific insights, and philosophical considerations of psychedelics, using a mix of humor and seriousness to make the topics accessible to a wide audience.
  • Back from the Abyss Psychiatry Podcast: Hosted by Dr. Craig Heacock, an adolescent/adult psychiatrist and addiction specialist, this podcast focuses on personal stories of mental illness and recovery, with an intimate approach centered on hope and healing.
  • The Entheogenic Evolution: Hosted by Martin W. Ball, Ph.D., this podcast explores the role of entheogens in spiritual development and personal growth, often featuring interviews with researchers and enthusiasts.
  • MAPS Podcast: Hosted by Zach Leary, this podcast aims to provide an accessible source for topics related to psychedelic research, with interviews and presentations from leading figures in the field.

While the above podcasts are not specifically designed to be listened to during a psychedelic trip, they do offer intriguing insights and stories that may be of interest to psychedelic enthusiasts. They delve into the depths of human consciousness, the spiritual and therapeutic potential of psychedelics, and their impact on our society. For those delving into the world of psychedelic experiences, these podcasts can be a source of knowledge, inspiration, and reflection – both during and outside a trip.

Eva Zonneveld
Meet Eva, an author who merges her literary talent with a deep fascination for magic mushrooms, crafting stories that unravel the hidden realms of consciousness and the mycelium's wisdom.