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What is the difference between microdosing and a full trip?
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What is the difference between microdosing and a full trip?

Written by: Lizzy van de Berg

Welcome to the intriguing and diverse world of psychedelics, where the boundaries of consciousness and perception are continually explored. Today, we delve into the distinction between two common practices: microdosing and experiencing a full psychedelic trip. Let's dive into this fascinating journey together and discover what each of these practices offers, and how they differ in their effects and applications.


Let's start with microdosing, a practice that has gained much popularity in recent years. Microdosing involves taking small, sub-perceptual doses of psychedelics like magic truffles regularly. The goal of microdosing is not to create an intense psychedelic experience but rather to provide subtle enhancements in mood, creativity, focus, and overall well-being. For more information, read our blog 'Microdosing of magic mushrooms'.

Characteristics of microdosing include:

  • Sub-perceptual doses: Microdosing involves taking doses so low that you do not experience the typical psychedelic effects. You should not hallucinate or perceive reality differently. This allows you to continue daily activities without being significantly influenced by the psychedelic effects.
  • Regular schedule: Microdosing usually involves following a regular schedule, taking a small dose every few days. This can vary depending on individual preferences and responses. Some choose to microdose every three days, while others follow a different schedule that better suits their lifestyle.
  • Functional enhancements: The benefits of microdosing are often subtle but noticeable. People report improved concentration, creativity, mood, and even physical well-being. Microdosing is also associated with increased empathy and improved social interactions.

A full trip

On the other hand, a full psychedelic trip is a much more intense experience, where you immerse yourself completely in the world of psychedelics. During a full trip, the effects can be much more powerful and transformative, with profound spiritual insights and emotional breakthroughs.

Characteristics of a full trip include:

  • Intense experiences: During a full trip, you often experience intense visual and sensory hallucinations, altered thought patterns, and deep spiritual insights.
  • Duration: A full psychedelic trip can last for hours, depending on factors like the dose and individual metabolism. It can range from about 4 to 8 hours. During this period, you are often fully immersed in the experience, with little to no awareness of time.
  • Deep self-reflection: A full trip can lead to profound self-reflection and emotional breakthroughs. You may gain insights into yourself, your life, and the world around you that were previously hidden. This can lead to lasting changes in your worldview and attitude towards life.

Tips for safe use

Now that you know more about microdosing and full trips, it's important to emphasize that both practices require careful consideration and responsibility. Here are some tips for safe and responsible use:

  • Start slowly: Whether you're microdosing or going for a full trip, always start with a low dose to see how your body and mind react. This helps minimize any negative effects and make you more comfortable during the experience.
  • Create a safe environment: Ensure you create a comfortable and safe environment for yourself, especially during a full trip where you are more vulnerable to your surroundings. Choose a quiet and familiar location where you feel relaxed and at ease.
  • Be prepared: Provide yourself with enough water and any other necessities before starting your psychedelic journey. Make sure you have all necessities within reach, so you are not disturbed during the experience.
  • Integrate your experience: After your trip, it may help to reflect on your experiences and apply them to your daily life. This can help anchor the insights gained during the trip and bring lasting changes to your life.

Microdosing and full trips both offer unique opportunities for self-discovery and growth. Whether you're looking for subtle improvements in your daily life or a deep dive into the depths of your consciousness, both practices can be valuable. However, always remember the importance of safety and responsibility regarding the power of psychedelics. So whichever journey you choose, may it lead you to new insights, transformation, and fulfillment.

Lizzy van de Berg
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