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Spore Syringes

Spore Syringes

Our spore syringes are designed for simplicity and effectiveness, ideal for both novice and experienced mushroom cultivators. Each syringe contains carefully collected and preserved mushroom spores that are ready for inoculation. With our spore syringes, you can easily begin or expand your mycological adventure. Discover the diversity and potential of the mushroom world with our high-quality spore syringes.

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About the spore syringe

A spore syringe is essentially a syringe filled with a solution of water and mushroom spores, which can be used to inoculate a substrate (the growth base for fungi, such as grain, hay, wood chips, etc.).

Using a spore syringe is an effective and relatively simple way to grow mushrooms. The spores in the syringe are injected into the substrate, where they grow and develop into mycelium, the vegetative growth of a fungus. If conditions are favorable (right temperature, humidity level, etc.), this mycelium will eventually produce mushrooms.

Spore syringes are ideal for both beginners and experienced growers, as they offer a simple, clean, and efficient way to grow mushrooms.

About the history of the spore syringe

The spore syringe is an essential tool in mycology, born out of the need to efficiently collect and distribute mushroom spores. In the past, spores were collected with 'spore prints', but the spore syringe, which contains a mixture of water and spores, provided an easier way to inject spores directly into the substrate. Although the exact moment of invention is unknown, the spore syringe has been an important instrument for both hobbyists and commercial mushroom growers for decades.

Our range

We offer a wide range of spore syringes, carefully curated to meet the needs of both novice and experienced mushroom growers.

Are you a beginner in the fascinating world of mycology? No worries, we have exactly what you need to get started. Our beginner's selection includes spore syringes from various mushroom species known for their tolerance and robust growth. These are designed to provide you with a smooth and successful introduction to mushroom cultivation.

If you already have experience with mushroom cultivation and are ready to expand your knowledge and skills further, you'll appreciate our selection for experienced growers. Our spore syringes offer the opportunity to grow unique mushrooms that may require special care and attention. It's the perfect challenge for those who want to take their mycological skills to the next level.

Additionally, we also offer a range that falls somewhere between beginners and experienced growers, ideal for those wanting to broaden their horizons without diving into the most challenging species.

Discover our extensive range of spore syringes and start your unique mycological adventure today. Whether you're just starting out or already experienced in the world of mushroom cultivation, we have something that perfectly fits your needs.