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Other Psychedelics

Other Psychedelics

Explore our fascinating range of psychedelic products, where we offer a diverse selection, including herbs and supplements. Let yourself be enchanted by the magical world of psychedelic experiences while you choose from various products that can expand your mind. Discover this extraordinary category and give yourself the opportunity for a unique journey of consciousness expansion.

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About Psychedelics

Psychedelic products are substances, herbs, plants, or supplements that can cause psychoactive effects and have a profound influence on the user's consciousness, perception, and experience. These products can induce hallucinogenic, consciousness-altering, and sometimes spiritual effects.

However, using psychedelics requires caution, as their effects vary depending on the individual and dosage.

About the History of Psychedelics

The use of psychedelics can be traced back to early civilizations and indigenous cultures around the world. There is evidence that some tribes used psychedelic substances in religious and spiritual rituals thousands of years ago. Examples of this include the use of psilocybin-containing mushrooms in Mesoamerican cultures and the use of ayahuasca in South American shamanistic traditions.

Psychedelics became popular in the Western world during the 1960s, a period known as the psychedelic revolution or the 'era of psychedelics.' This era was characterized by a growing interest in psychedelic substances and a broad acceptance of their use in the counterculture and among the hippie movement.