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Magic Mushrooms Grow kit 'Golden Teacher' 1200 cc1 pc

The Magic Mushrooms Grow kit 'Golden Teacher' 1200 cc has an intriguing background and mysterious origins. This cultivation kit facilitates the growth of Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher, a magic mushroom celebrated for its insightful effects and deeply rooted in mystery due to its unknown beginnings. The Golden Teacher, discovered in the late 80s, represents a new era of psilocybin mushrooms.
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About 'Golden Teacher' Magic Mushrooms

The Golden Teacher distinguishes itself with its unique gold-coloured caps and profound shamanistic potential. It has gained popularity among both beginners and experienced cultivators due to its easy and rapid growth. A unique characteristic of this strain is that its second growth phase, or 'flush', is typically larger than the first, a feature not seen in other strains.

The first harvest of the Golden Teacher strain is often the smallest, while the second is usually significantly larger. This peculiarity provides cultivators with a pleasant surprise and an increasingly bountiful yield as they continue the cultivation process. For those seeking a deep and authentic shamanistic experience, the Golden Teacher is an excellent choice.

Yield 500 g

Psilocybe cubensis

Psilocybe cubensis is a mushroom with psychedelic properties. These properties induce euphoria, visual hallucinations, and overall changes in perception. Due to its easy cultivation method, Psilocybe cubensis is currently one of the most popular natural psychedelics. Although Psilocybe cubensis itself is prohibited in the Netherlands, the cultivation kits are 100% legally available.

100% Mycelium

Mycelium is the extensive network of fungal threads, also known as hyphae. In these advanced cultivation kits, the substrate is composed entirely of 100% mycelium. This substrate provides the ideal nutrient-rich environment for the growth of mushrooms. Without fertilization, this substrate guarantees multiple harvest cycles. Therefore, it is important to harvest in a timely manner before the mushrooms release their spores.

Contents of the grow kit:

  • 1200 ml cultivation box
  • Cultivation bag
  • 2 paper clips

Storage and shelf life

Store your kit in the fridge at around 7°C (45°F) and use it as soon as possible due to its limited shelf life.


Read our online magic mushroom growkit manual »


Keep this product out of reach of children and pets. The use of paddos is discouraged during pregnancy, physical and/or mental conditions, or when taking medication. When in doubt, it is always advisable to consult a doctor. Do not combine paddos with alcohol or other drugs. The use of paddos should be done with awareness, as they are not party drugs. Make sure to obtain the correct information before consumption. If you are trying paddos for the first time, never take more than 15 grams of fresh mushrooms.

Brand:Fresh Mushrooms
Category:Grow Kits
Yield:500 g

This products is legal in The Netherlands. ShroomPlaza cannot provide information about the legal status of this product in other countries. If you are not sure if the ordered product is legal in the country where it should be sent, please inform yourself about this issue with the authorities of the country itself. If you order this product to a country outside the Netherlands, you do this entirely at your own risk and you automatically safeguard ShroomPlaza from any form of legal liability.

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